Thoughts from the Peasant Muse

Jeremy Antley
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Thoughts from the Peasant Muse is a collection of essays written by Jeremy Antley, contributing writer for Play the Past and his own site, Peasant Muse.  A mix of digital culture, board games, history, television, and personal observations, Thoughts from the Peasant Muse represents three years of evolving perspective and investigation into topics both contemporary and historic, all presented in essay length format.

What insight can historians draw from the Geocities archive?  How are digital platforms like Facebook and Twitter creating a neo-feudal order?  What does the increased use of Drones in warfare and surveillance mean for traditional Wargames, and how does this new technology bring the battlefield closer?  These are just a few of the issues discussed in Thoughts from the Peasant Muse.

Jeremy's work has been mentioned by PAR's 'The Cut', Critical Distance, and The Atlantic website, in addition to being published at Gamasutra, Cyborgology, and The New Inquiry.

Thoughts from the Peasant Muse comes in epub, pdf, and Kindle-friendly formats, meaning you can read it on whatever e-reading device you choose.
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Thoughts from the Peasant Muse

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